Lifeworks Services

Lifeworks Services

If you are ready to elevate the quality of your wellness program and want to hire both the resources and expertise, the full-service LifeWorks program is for you.

Lifetime Wellness brings a laser-focused approach to elevating activity and recreation programs. LifeWorks Services includes the management, staff and programming resources to run a world-class wellness program. There are several staffing models based on need and each can be customized to meet your facility’s needs and budget:

  • We will provide an Area Manager to manage the time and day to day implementation
  • We will provide comprehensive Life Works programming, each delivered based on personal assessment with residents:

Mind Works
Body works
Nature Works
Community Works
Aroma Works
Rehab Works
Sensory Works
Music Works

  • For each of the programming elements above, Lifetime Wellness provides all of the resources and tools to ensure resident engagement.
  • All programs are based on whole-person wellness programming.
  • If a quality of life approach is important to your facility, let Lifetime Wellness bring the expertise, resources and tools to maximize resident wellness engagement.