We offer health services that address these areas:

Awareness, Modification & Prevention of Chronic Conditions
Senior care industry research shows that 29% of employees are obese, 22% have hypertension/high blood pressure, and 22% are affected by tobacco use. Health problems associated with these conditions may lead to unhealthy staff which can affect quality of care and patient outcomes.

Stress Relief Techniques & Management / Physical Toll & Recovery / Emotional & Mental Coping
Physical and emotional exhaustion can erode a caregiver’s effectiveness in managing their own health and that of their patients. Providing coping skills and self-care education can help decrease turnover and improve service quality.

Lifestyle Management & Education
Providing staff with training on nutrition, exercise, stress management and wellness is a powerful holistic approach that ensures caregivers nurture their well being.

Compassion Fatigue & Life Skills
For caregivers working in demanding environments, training in compassion fatigue is critical. Supervisors are also great candidates for training as these can help provide support for caregivers who show sign of emotional distress.